As a publication, we invite writers, photographers, artists, and designers to invest their gifts in God’s Kingdom, offering their work as worship. It’s our aim to create work that points to the glory of God and showcases the beauty of His church.

We’re excited to expand our family of writers, and as of April 2016, we will be accepting article submissions. We hope to draw writers who aren’t simply looking to share their story but are looking to take the gifts God has given them and leverage them for His Kingdom, instead of their own.

The content within our magazine (and soon, our blog) is heavily curated, and each article goes through an intensive editing process via the Tapestry team in order to make sure the piece reflects both the voice and mission of the magazine. While we can't promise to respond to every submission or guarantee publication for each piece, we'd love to consider your narrative for Tapestry's blog. If your written article is selected, we'll be sure to connect with you.   


feature ARticles & Essays

We know there are stories resting in your heart—tales of old, stories of wild Gospel abundance, and narratives featuring the ways His Kingdom is made manifest on earth and in your life. These are the types of essays we consider feature articles and are generally around 800 - 1000 words.


Lifestyle articles

We also know you have funny anecdotes, thoughts on everyday life, and how-to’s up your sleeve. We consider these pieces lifestyle articles, and if you decide to submit one of these, we’d like it to land around 500 - 700 words.  


Style guide

Tapestry Magazine is divided into five personas based on the fivefold ministry functions: the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher. While the Tapestry team will ultimately decide what voice your piece fits under, we’d love for you to keep the voice and intent of one of the personas in mind as you craft your article. Feel free to include the persona voice your writing with at the top of your piece. We've create a STYLE GUIDE for your reference.

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