Who We Are

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eve is a movement Out to redefine Christian Feminity


We are Jesus-worshipping women, fed up with the tired gender roles church has to offer us. We’re thirsty for the intimacy of Eden, and impassioned for the Gospel of Jesus. We crave something raw and real, something that sounds like hope but doesn’t ask us to disengage from the realities of our humanity. We’re sisters, daughters, professionals, prophets, breadwinners, homemakers, wives, theologians, single mothers, workers, creatives, teachers and all of us just women who need a place to feel free. 

We are eve


Our goal is to create a movement that gives restless women a place to belong. We’re a grassroots society that invites women into the freedom to reclaim their identity in Christ, as it was in the beginning.

For every woman who has been told she's too much, she's too loud, too bold. For every woman who's been told not to color outside the lines. For every woman who can't help but feel she's made for something more. 


You belong with us, you belong with eve.


Faces of Eve

Eve's content is broken up into five sections or faces. These personas are based on the fivefold ministry functions outlined in Ephesians 4:11-13:

“So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”  

These functions are not simply spiritual gifts but a model for how the church is meant to function, in order that we would grow in both unity and maturity.

 Our hope is that our content will bring the voice, perspective, and role of each persona to life and that each persona will bring diversity, texture, and a wholeness to the publication in its entirety. Each one of us will most likely connect with one persona over the other, but each one of us will benefit from the unique role and influence that each persona has on the body of Christ.





She has an ear to heaven. She knows God's will, and His truth consumes her. The Prophet confronts the current of culture and calls us to resist the status quo. Her words are bold and fearless—they pierce the heart and demand action. She refuses to see His church settle for anything less than His will, and she's committed to boldly and firmly communicating that message.



She steps into the world with magnetic authenticity. With infectious boldness and a mind on Kingdom momentum, she dares disciples to win souls. The heart of The Evangelist beats to expand God’s Kingdom, but she recruits in the context of relationship, drawing unbelieving hearts to respond personally to Him. Trusted friend and guardian of story, she woos the world to a place of belonging and hope because she always lives in light of who—and whose—she is.



She sees beyond what is actual to what is possible! The Apostle looks past the barriers to see the potential, beyond the obstacles to see the opportunity. She is full of faith and her goal is expansion—exploring new territory, taking new ground. She compels the church to look beyond the circumstances of today to live in light of the opportunity of tomorrow.



She extends her hands in invitation, looking after those entrusted to her—even those who might bristle or be afraid. The Shepherd cares deeply for the church and pursues depth in all areas. Because of her warm, intentional care, the flock matures and draws closer to Christ. She's a nourisher and caregiver, and the way she fosters love enriches those around her. Her greatest concern is the maturity of God's people, the developing of the church, the making of disciples, and she creates a restful space for that. She keeps her community under her wing much like our Father keeps us under His. Her peaceful demeanor comes from the Lord, and it helps people feel safe to grow—to be real.



She sheds light on the obscure and creates comprehension. The Teacher easily connects the logic of Scripture with the heart of the Gospel, and her role is to brighten the mystery of the church along with the story of the world—to communicate and explain how God has been weaving His tapestry since the beginning of time. She's researched and reliable and inquisitive about details. Her systematic knowledge and use of metaphor enlightens those she instructs, and she paves a way for understanding. Her comprehension of the biblical plot brings order to a world entangled in uncertainty, and her practical manner constructs a transferable doctrine, keeping her community grounded in truth.


The Team



Jessi Cross


content editor

gabriella llewellyn


Creative director

monica friese


Brand Director

sami huerta



Community Director

Katie Kopan


Lead designer

Kailey Erdahl


copy editor

steph hester


assistant editor

jessica sklba



visual assistant

kelsey shaw



hanna voxland



bethany Shrock



lydia toll